Bird-friendly coffee short

by JulieCraves on August 28, 2015

SongbirdSOS Productions Inc. is a Canadian company that has produced a film about the decline of North American songbirds called The Messenger. It’s slated for worldwide release within the next year; you can view the trailer here. The 90-minute film covers many bird conservation issues, including a segment on the connection between coffee and bird habitat. In that spirit, the producers have also created a video short on that topic, A Coffee Primer for Birds & People. Three minutes of my friend Robert Rice of the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center talking about how and why of Bird-Friendly coffee certification, which they developed. It’s a great overview, with a lot of beautiful footage of birds on coffee farms. Take a look:

The company is extending their initial fundraising campaign to help with outreach costs. Learn more and support their project here.

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