Solar Roast

by JulieCraves on February 26, 2006

Solar Roast is Fair Trade and/or organic coffee roasted in what must be the world’s only commerical solar roaster. According to the web site,

“…this roaster uses a 10ft solar array to focus the rays of sunshine onto a drum roaster. This roaster is capable of reaching temperatures upwards of 550 degrees F. The roaster swivels and tilts allowing it to track the sun throughout the day from sunrise to sunset.”

Based in Oregon, they have had issues in the past with being able to roast sufficient quantities to be able to keep up a steady supply.  The web site invites wholesale inquiries. It wasn’t clear if retail is available at times, but I did find it available for purchase at The Solar Store; the roaster currently resides in the front yard of this establishment.  There are five blends available at $8.00 per 8 oz. bag.

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