Coffee bibliography

The following link will take you to a periodically updated list of peer-reviewed literature that deals with sustainable coffee issues. The focus is on research on coffee growing (e.g., how shade impacts pests, yield, and biodiversity), as well as topics such as the economics of various certifications. There are currently about 400 papers in this list.

I compile this list using the application Zotero. Right now, it produces a list of literature sorted by the last name of the lead author. As Zotero adds features, I hope that I can produce lists sorted by topic or tags. Meanwhile, if you would like me to generate a custom bibliography based on a general topic (birds, soil, shade management, biocontrol, etc.) please let me know.

Click here to view the latest version (updated July 2015)

Annotated bibliography of literature on coffee leaf rust — PDF

Coffee berry borer bibliography by J. Pérez, F. Infante, and F. E. Vega,
open access paper in Journal of Insect Science, 2015 — PDF

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Revised on August 20, 2015

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