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Note that some roasters/coffees have changed their sourcing or sustainability policies since these reviews were written. Check the roaster website for current information.

Who reviews the coffee and how do they do it?
Coffees reviewed here at C&C are evaluated by a tasting panel of at least 4 people, sometimes up to 10 or 12. These are folks who really like coffee, but have no particular expertise. We try to use straightforward language to describe each coffee, hence we call them “Plainspoken Coffee: Coffee reviews for ordinary people by ordinary people”. Coffees are always tasted prepared in a French press and a good drip coffee maker, often also in a Cafe Solo or Aeropress as well. But we don’t “cup” the coffee, since that’s not how ordinary people drink it.

We taste a lot more coffees than those that actually get published reviews. Since 2010, the focus has been on educating the public about corporate coffee, and coffee that are exceptional in some way — good, bad, popular, unusual, or an interesting back-story.

NOTE: We are not currently accepting coffees for review.

(For information on how to submit a coffee for review, please see this page.)

Disclosure (added October 2009)
The majority of the coffees and products reviewed here are purchased at regular prices without the retailers knowing they may be reviewed. When we are sent coffees or products with a review request, retailers are told that the review will be honest and unbiased, which could, of course, result in unfavorable comments. Reviews will now note any products received for free or other consideration.

How are coffees rated?
Coffees are ranked from 0 (worst) to 5 (best) motmots (motmots are tropical birds which are found in most Latin American coffee-growing countries, so we use them instead of stars). There are a few at 2 or fewer motmots, very few exceptional coffees at 3.75 or above, and many bunched up in the middle. Not only is the process of reviewing coffee this way (= amateurs!) really subjective, but providing a lot of ratings between 3-3.5 might not be considered especially useful.

Since this is a site about the value and merits of sustainable coffee, much of the value in these reviews lies in the background information provided about the origin/region, farm, growing methods, and roaster. Through reviews, C&C aims to educate consumers on how to make responsible, sustainable choices, and highlight sources of coffee to seek out — or avoid. It’s the most time-consuming part of writing these reviews, and quite unusual (unique?) in the realm of coffee reviews. So don’t just go by motmots alone — the other stuff is just as important.

Coffee reviews below are grouped by region, then alphabetically by country of origin. Bold = score of 3.75 or above. Italic = certified by Rainforest Alliance or Smithsonian Bird-Friendly.

Latin America:



Indonesia/Pacific Islands/Asia:

Blends/uncertain origin:

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