Requesting reviews or ad space

Coffee & Conservation is a popular niche web site with highly motivated readers. About 75% of readers are in North America, and 87% are English-speaking. We do a limited number of coffee and related product reviews, and have space available for ads that are tightly connected to C&C’s mission. This is really important! For any request, please be very specific about your product.  I simply cannot respond to vague requests or “I represent a company whose product I know you will love.” Sorry!

Requesting a coffee review

NOTE: We are currently not accepting coffees for review.

For information on how we do our reviews, please see this page.

While not a coffee review site, Coffee & Conservation does do a small number of reviews each year. Since this is a site about the merits of sustainable coffee, much of the value in these reviews lies in the background information provided about the origin/region, farm, growing methods, and roaster. Through reviews, C&C aims to educate consumers on how to make responsible, sustainable choices, and highlight sources of coffee to seek out — or avoid. C&C is primarily interested in presenting coffees that have a very compelling backstory: some strong connection with a conservation project, a farm which protects a rare ecosystem or species, support for a unique sustainability project, etc. Preferably, the coffee will carry some eco-certification. See Cafe Choco Andes, AgroEco Coffee, and Bob-o-Link Coffee for some examples.

Requesting a product review

Any product considered for review on C&C must be coffee-related and have a strong link to sustainability (e.g., low-tech, energy- or waste-saving, eco-friendly).

Requesting advertising space

Please do not request space for any type of advertising that is not strongly related to the focus of this web site: eco-friendly coffe, coffee and sustainability issues related to coffee. If you think your ad is appropriate, please provide me with details on the content, including links. I will not respond to generic or unrelated requests. I reserve the right to reject any ad that I don’t feel is the right fit for the site.

Space is available at the top of the right sidebar above the Adsense ad block. I will consider ads no wider than 215 pixels in width, and no taller than 325 pixels in height. Minimum run is one week, maximum one month, although renewals can be negotiated. Current prices are:

215 by 180 px or less = $15/week or $50/month.

215 by 180 to 325 px = $25/week  or $90/month.

  • Depending on the size (height) of the ad, more than one ad may appear in the designated space above the fold. Space is first come, first served; ads contracted first will appear above later ads.
  • All advertisement graphics must be submitted by the advertiser.
  • Payment is required in full before the ad goes live. I only accept PayPal.
  • Terms, including ad sizes and prices, are subject to change. I cannot guarantee number of click-throughs, or site down-time that is the fault of my host or other circumstances beyond my control. If the site is down for more than one day, the ad period will be extended accordingly.


Note that coffee and products are reviewed with a panel of other people, and we are thorough and honest. Lining up multiple tastings/product run-throughs, background research, and writing the review takes time. If you are concerned about timing, please bring this up in your contact email.

To request a coffee or product review, or ad space, please contact me with appropriate details:

I’ll get back with you as soon as possible.

Revised on August 22, 2019