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by JulieCraves on January 8, 2013

Welcome to BirdWatching Magazine readers who are exploring Coffee & Conservation for the first time after reading my article “The True Cost of Coffee” in the February 2013 issue. There are many ways to find more information on the connection between coffee, birds, and biodiversity here. These include the User Guide tab at the top of the page, the Featured Content links at the upper left, and the search box at the top right.

I have also assembled links to information I think you might be especially interested in. They are listed below; feel free to leave other questions in the comments.

How is coffee grown, and why is it important to birds and other biodiversity?

What do all the certifications mean?

Why should I pay more for certified or environmentally-friendly coffee?

Where can I get environmentally-friendly coffee?

Shortly, I will post a compilation of all the research I have done on popular coffee brands, including Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, McDonalds, etc.

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