Quick shot: Caffe Pronto Guatemalan Maya Ixil

by JulieCraves on November 25, 2006

Caffe Pronto Guatemalan Maya Ixil.  I received this coffee from Caffe Pronto just before the holidays, so I did not have a chance to let the panel taste it, so I can’t provide the usual review.  But this coffee’s sustainability begs to have it mentioned here at C&C.  This is bourbon variety coffee, grown organically under native shade trees, and certified Fair Trade.

The Maya Ixil cooperative is located in Quiche Dept. (map), east of the popular Huehuetenango, north of Atitlan, sort of out of the way.  The coop was formed in 1998, and now 124 families have improved both the quality of their coffee and the quality of their lives. The Cuchamatanes montane areas in this region are known for their endemism, especially of amphibians.

I’m very fond of the chocolately tones in Huehues; I had a hard time detecting chocolate in this coffee. It was mild, with a distinctively silky, creamy mouthfeel, and when made in a French press, revealed just a flash of some sort of sweet, fruity taste which did not strike me as a berry flavor.  It was also very nice brewed, and maintained a pleasant taste even when cooled off. If you are looking for a very approachable, environmentally-friendly coffee that also supports indigenous people who have suffered through years of conflict in this relatively remote region, give this a try!

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