World biodiversity crisis

by JulieCraves on August 1, 2006

The main thrust of Coffee & Conservation is how to choose sustainable coffees — those that help preserve biodiversity.  The more you understand the depth and urgency of the biodiversity crisis we face on Earth today, the more motivated you will be to do what you can to help (including drinking sustainable coffee).

It would be easy to devote an entire blog just to explaining, summarizing, and analyzing the biodiversity crisis, and that kind of detail is beyond the scope of C&C.  However, there is an excellent web site that pulls together many resources.  Dr. David Ulansey’s site looks a little crude, but includes many worthwhile links which are frequently updated.  I urge readers to take a look. Here are some of the links that pertain to the general biodiversity crisis or coffee growing regions in particular:

Of course it is preferable — and necessary — to preserve intact forests in coffee growing regions.  Purchasing cheap, mass-produced coffee merely encourages the exploitation of that land for high, short-term yields at the lowest price.  Buying coffee from established farms which produce coffee in the least-technified manner, and indeed paying a premium for them, 1) provides incentive for farmers to grow coffee in a sustainable manner, preserving biodiversity on their farms, 2) discourages large corporations from clearing more land and subsidizing more inputs for cheap coffee, and 3) discourages small farmers from abandoning their farms or converting them to sun coffee or other crops.

If you drink coffee, drink responsibly and sustainably. C&C is here to help.

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bob August 2, 2006 at 11:20 am

Nice looking banner you got there lady :-)

I'll have to read up more on my favorite coffee — usually while sitting in Havana — hanging out with a bunch of crazy birders…

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