Roast Magazine Roaster of the Year 2005/06

by JulieCraves on July 6, 2006

The July/August 2006 issue of Roast Magazine announced it’s winner of Roaster of the Year: Oren’s Daily Roast.  Members of the Roaster’s Guild submitted coffees for tasting by their executive council, who picked their top 10.  These were voted on by attendees of the Specialty Coffee Association of America show in April.  Congrats to the winners. Here are the top ten with the coffee submitted, and notes on sustainable offerings.

  1. Oren’s Daily Roast (NY), Ethiopian.
  2. Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea (VT), Kenyan. Carries FT and organic coffees.
  3. Gridge’s Coffee & Roasting (TN), Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. No online retail.
  4. (tie) Batdorf & Bronson (WA), Colombian. Carries FT, organic, and relationship coffees.
  5. (tie) Lexington Coffee Roasting (VA), Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Carries FT, organic, and certified shade coffees.
  6. Ecco Caffe (CA), Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Carries FT and organic coffees.
  7. Cafe Imports (MN), Tanzania Songea. Wholesale.
  8. Cuvee Coffee Roasting (TX), Kenya AA Top. Carries FT, organic, and certified shade coffees.
  9. Caffe Pronto (MD), Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Carries organic, and certified shade coffees.

Look at all those African coffees!  I’ll have to roll out a review of an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe later today!

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