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by JulieCraves on May 27, 2006

I’ve done a few reviews here at C&C, but admit that I have a pretty untrained palate.  So my reviews have none of the sophistication and elegant adjectives found on major coffee review sites.  On the other hand, I think I represent most coffee drinkers, who would also struggle attempting to describe the subtle flavors in coffee.

I do want to provide reviews of sustainable coffees.  I’d like them to be honest, yet accessible to the average coffee drinker.  So I have assembled a panel of coffee tasters, folks who really like coffee, but have no particular expertise.  We’ll review various beans, earnestly trying to incorporate some standard taste descriptors, as well as our own impressions.  I’ll link to more elaborate and advanced reviews for balance.  With any luck, we will at least be able to discern obvious flavor flaws, such as those caused by, say, toe jam*.

This panel is drawn from coworkers and friends.  We’re all professional or volunteer field biologists, naturalists, and the like. Our hours are often very early or odd, so we not only love coffee, we rely on it. Oh, and we have a weird sense of humor.  We’ll try to be serious.  Without further ado… Introducing the C&C coffee tasters:

  • Yours truly, Julie (“BirdBarista”).  I’m an ornithologist, and have evolved from a dark roast to a light roast fan. I love a sweet, classic, Latin American coffee, as well as a nice Kenyan.
  • Greg (“The Star[bucks]ling”). College student, my right-hand field assistant, and a barista at The Mermaid.
  • Mike (“Risky Kingbird”). Environmental center manager/naturalist. Home roaster, and probably the most serious coffee guy among us.
  • Fred (“Con Leche”).  Volunteer field assistant.  Earned his nickname during a recent trip in a Latin American country that was experiencing a milk shortage, therefore pissing off everybody with his persistant cafe con leche requests.
  • Rick (“Nighthawk”).  Natural areas supervisor.  More of a fan of light roasts.
  • Darrin (“Kingfisher”).  Volunteer field assistant. Resident expert on lattes, caps, and other concoctions.

We may be joined by others at times (e.g., whoever is handy).  Our first group review is coming up, so stay tuned!

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Goatherd May 28, 2006 at 5:38 pm

The 'dismembered' foot is the right foot (crossed under the left) of a person leaning against the wall in the background behind the woman in blue in the center.

BirdBarista May 29, 2006 at 9:06 am

I know, but it still looks weird!

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