Sips: Vietnam edition

by JulieCraves on August 4, 2012

Some news out of Vietnam.

  • Nearly all the coffee Vietnam grows is robusta. They are planning to expand arabica production to 40,000 ha by 2020.  The country is already expanding robusta production, which covers more than a half million hectares.
  • It seems inevitable this may lead to loss of more forests. Which will exacerbate adaptations to climate change — and Vietnam is on a list vulnerable countries. While the composition of compilations like this vary depending on the criteria, what struck me about this list was that at least half are coffee-producing nations, with three (India, Vietnam, Philippines) being major robusta growers. The latter two are big suppliers to companies like Nestle. Wonder how that will go.
  • Speaking of problems with adaptation, several of Vietnam’s major coffee exporters are heavily in debt due to a lack of adaptation to market conditions.
  • But there is a Vietnamese coffee mogul that is doing well.
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