New quick guide to certifications

by JulieCraves on July 8, 2010

There’s a new item on the main menu bar called “Certifications” where I’ve put together a quick guide to the five most common coffee certifications. It summarizes the goal of each, outlines their standards related to shade management or habitat protection, fees and price premiums involved, and links to more information.

I also added this reminder to the end of the guide, and I think it’s worth repeating here:

These certifications cost the producers money — both in fees and in changes to their methods to achieve the standards. Yet certifications don’t add intrinsic value to coffee. The extra money the farmer receives for the coffee is often entirely dependent on what the consumer is willing to pay for the social or environmental benefits of the product. Don’t expect people in the developing world to shoulder the cost of keeping your world green, safe, and prosperous. Be willing to pay more for these certifications!

Revised on November 1, 2010

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