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by JulieCraves on February 20, 2014

Last summer, I taped an episode of The Green Room, a local program of the City of Ann Arbor, Michigan’s Community Television Network (CTN) and the Washtenaw County Environmental Health Division. It recently aired, and you can view the episode on YouTube.  I’m interviewed on the show on the issues surrounding bird conservation and your choice of morning coffee.

Green Room viewers new to Coffee & Conservation may be interested in my article in the February 2013 issue of BirdWatching Magazine (formerly Birder’s World), The True Cost of Coffee.  If you are new to the whole eco-friendly coffee issue, here is a list of resources I compiled in response to the BirdWatching Magazine article:

How is coffee grown, and why is it important to birds and other biodiversity?

What do all the certifications mean?

Why should I pay more for certified or environmentally-friendly coffee?

Where can I get environmentally-friendly coffee?


Feel free to leave a comment or question and I can either direct you to a post or posts that has covered the topic, or tackle it in the future!


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Ellen Blackstone February 20, 2014 at 2:30 pm

Check out this BirdNote show called “Tanagers: Coffee Birds!” Cool pix, too.
BirdNote LOVES shade-grown coffee! Thanks for the post.

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