Dunkin Donuts coffee: still not eco-friendly

by JulieCraves on August 21, 2012

In 2009, I refuted the false statement made by Dunkin Donuts on Twitter that their coffee was shade-grown, and provided background on their coffee purchases. Let’s see if anything has changed.

According to their 2010 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, Dunkin Donuts purchased nearly 50,000 metric tons of green coffee in 2010. This puts it close to the top ten buyers of coffee in the world, as my latest 2010 figures indicate that Segafredo is #10 with 70,000 tons. Thus, DD is above Green Mountain Coffee Roasters which is at less than 23,000 tons, but well below Starbucks’ 122,000 tons.

The report states that DD purchased 11,745 tons of Fair Trade certified coffee in 2010; it primarily (only?) goes into their line of espresso drinks. This amounts to about 23% of their purchases, but as we have learned, FT certification has little in the way of substantial, quantifiable environmental standards. They are so generic that I don’t include FT certified coffee in my assessment of eco-certified purchases.

On their website, DD mentions that a good percentage of Fair Trade coffee is certified organic, but never say that any portion of the Fair Trade coffee they buy is organic. I hate this kind of deceptive fact-dropping.

The report provides another example of resume-padding. It explains that back in 2008, DD provided a $70,000 grant to Rainforest Alliance, which helped three producer groups gain RA certification. There is no mention that DD purchases this coffee or that they intend to, only that they “are exploring additional opportunities to work with the Rainforest Alliance.”

So, no eco-friendly coffee at Dunkin Donuts.

And, let’s put the Fair Trade purchases and Rainforest Alliance grant in perspective.

Dunkin Donuts boasts that as of the end of 2010, their FT purchases have returned just under $1.9 million to producers, impacting 30,000 people — cumulatively, since 2004.  According to their annual report, in 2011 alone the Dunkin Donuts segments of Dunkin Brands posted a $308 million profit, and the chain serves 3 million customers per day.

Nothing has changed, little effort has been made by Dunkin Donuts to source or sell sustainably-grown coffee, and they continue with questionable marketing. America, run from Dunkin.

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Richard August 28, 2012 at 5:14 am

We still don’t have Dunkin Donuts here in the UK. It’s a shame to hear they’re still not eco-friendly though…

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