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by JulieCraves on October 27, 2010

Here we are at the new web host. Goodbye and good riddance to my hostage situation at Typepad, what a PITA. I still have some housekeeping to do here, mostly fixing some wacky image placement and broken links.

I mentioned at the old site that I taped a segment of PRI’s “The World” on biodiversity and coffee a week or so ago. I talked about coffee certifications and what consumers need to be aware of when looking for sustainably-grown coffee. This followed a long conversation I had with award-winning journalist Diane Toomey. She followed up with me the other day and was working on the script — distilling a number of interviews and a lot of acts into a five-minute piece!

I’ll let you know when the piece is to air on your local NPR station, and provide a link to the audio.

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