The tugo Traveling Drink Holder

by JulieCraves on December 1, 2009

The tugo Traveling Drink Holder is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” products. It is a simple, flexible cup holder that attaches in seconds between the upright handles of nearly any piece of rolling luggage. At last, no more attempting to juggle your coffee or beverage through the airport.

This inexpensive (around $10) product is very pliable; it bends and flexes to keep your cup upright even as the position of the luggage handle changes. We did have one very small carry-on bag that only had five inches between the two handles. This interfered with a full range of motion when the cup was less than half full or so and thus not very heavy. A little caution might be in order to prevent spills with small bags.

Otherwise, you just have to make sure you aim the opening in the lid of your cup toward one of the luggage handles to prevent spills (this reminder is embossed right on the tugo). Be careful if you are in the habit of putting another bag on top of the rolling bag, propped on the handle. Obviously, this will interfere with the position of the cup in the holder. Tugo, however, is easily removed and can be smushed into any pocket on your luggage when not in use.

The holder fits cups up to about 20 oz. in capacity. It worked with a wide variety of travel mugs that we had here at home. We did notice that because the plastic of the tugo is “clingy” some travel mugs needed to be removed with both hands because they did not slip out of the tugo easily. Obviously, this is a better situation than not clingy enough. The texture of paper cups generally allows for a quicker grab, but tugo’s makers encourage the use of travel mugs versus disposable cups.

In fact, on their very well done web site and blog, they noted that being environmentally-friendly was a major concern when developing tugo. The plastic is made without phthalates,
compounds often used in plastics to increase flexibility; concerns over health hazards have led phthalates to be banned from children’s toys in the U.S. And no frustrating clamshell packaging — tugo comes in a small, recyclable, cardboard box. And tugo is made in the U.S. at a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult to find any inexpensive consumer products that are not made in China under extremely lax environmental laws.

tugo would make a great stocking stuffer not only for the traveler, but also for college students. I work at a major university and it’s not unusual to see kids using rolling luggage for getting around campus — often with a beverage. Businesses can also order custom colors and tugo’s with their logo.

tugo is available at these retailers, as well as

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