Review: Cafe Femenino (Peru)

by JulieCraves on February 18, 2006

I first tried Cafe Femenino from Grounds for Change.  I liked it so much that I have a standing monthly order.  Grounds for Change categorizes this as a “medium bodied coffee with a fine acidity, sweet aroma and hints of baker’s chocolate that are accentuated by a slow, dark roast.”  I’ve since turned on several of my dark-roast friends to this coffee, who have become dedicated fans as well.  It is just a superb, complex, flavorful cup.

That Cafe Femenino is a great coffee, as well as certified organic and Fair Trade, and listed as shade-grown, is enough to make this my favorite cup.  However, there is also a fantastic back-story to this bean.  The Cafe Femenino Coffee Project is run entirely by women, who oversee all aspects of the coffee farming as well as marketing and sales, in an area of the world where there are few leadership roles for women and where oppression and abuse are shockingly high.  The project empowers women, and they also receive an additional two cents per pound over the Fair Trade price for their beans.  See the Roast Magazine link below for the full story.

I prefer to buy my Cafe Femenino from Grounds for Change, which donates an additional 25 cents per pound directly back to the women.  However, it is also available from a variety of other roasters, including Birds and Beans (Toronto, American Roast, the lightest I’ve seen available; green beans available, too), Caffe Ibis (Utah, roast not specified), Creemore Coffee Company (Toronto, medium and French roasts), MokaJoe (Washington, roast not specified), and Sacred Grounds (California, full city and French).

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