Coffee sales drive NestlÁ© profits

by JulieCraves on February 23, 2006

From BBC News:

Price increases and sales of Nespresso coffee have helped NestlÁ© to report record net profits in 2005. …Sales of the high margin Nespresso coffee rose an underlying 36.2%.

Nespresso is the espresso pod division; one of the pod varieties, Volluto, is “the first NESPRESSO 100% AAA Sustainable Quality coffee, independently verified by Rainforest Alliance,” according to the web site.  The Sustainable Quality Program sources green coffee via defined sustainability and quality criteria, although roughly outlined, the specific criteria do not appear on the Nespresso web site.  It does say,

If farms are found to be falling short on certain practices such as improper child labour,  deforestation and the misuse of dangerous agrochemicals they will not qualify for the  program. For other farms a clear plan will be drawn up together with the grower towards the pursuit of sustainable quality and these farmers will become partners of our AAA Program and supply Nespresso with their coffee.

This sounds like only egregious violations prohibit entry into the program, and other farms qualify as long as they are pursuing whatever sustainability guidelines are provided by Nespresso. Nothing about Fair Trade.

More on NestlÁ© here and a profile of the company at Responsible Shopper.

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green LA girl February 23, 2006 at 9:29 pm

Wow — Fascinating information. Which brings me back to asking you about your personal thoughts about the certification programs, especially those regarding shade grown coffee.

One thing I wonder is — Are certification programs like Rainforest Alliance certification in some ways "hurting" consumer activism? Because I really get the sense that many people are confused by the plethora of certification stamps out there. Some certifications have much stricter guidelines than others, but when facing a bunch of different certifications, the consumer's led to just go for A certification, without enough consideration for which one…

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