Sips: Speculation, shares, sharp words

by JulieCraves on April 15, 2011

Recent noteworthy news pertaining to sustainable coffee:

  • Someone worked out how a coffee CSA can work: pick some farmers, buy some shares, enjoy coffee you invested in.
  • The last word on Keurig single-cup brewers and why they and their ilk pose a real danger to specialty (and sustainable) coffee, from Jim Pellegrini of Muddy Dog Roasting. The post is a little profane, but please digest the background, get to the part about patent expiration, and read the comments. My feelings about these brewers and the issues around them have evolved quite a bit over the past few years, and Jim’s thoughts really bring on a new perspective.
  • A lucid post on how speculation works in the coffee commodity markets from the Equal Exchange blog Small Farmers, Big Change.
  • A quick compilation of coffee production: 74 countries ranked at Environmental Geography.
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