CafÁ© Femenino now at Kroger

by JulieCraves on August 3, 2009

By now, CafÁ© Femenino coffee should be available in many Kroger grocery stores across the nation.

CafÁ© Femenino was founded in 2004 by Organic Products Trading Company (OPTCO, the exclusive importer of this coffee) and several other groups to organize and unite female producers in Peru. The project is now active in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic. Women are active in all aspects of coffee production, must be on the title of the land, receive extensive training and support and a premium above the established Fair Trade price.

Kroger will be carrying a CafÁ© Femenino coffee roasted by BuyWell Fair Trade Coffee: Peru Alta Gold, an organic dark roast produced by 743 women of the CECANOR cooperative in the Penachi region of Peru. (Click here for our review of several BuyWell coffees.) While at the SCAA conference last spring,I spoke with OPTCO’s founders Gay and Garth Smith. I asked which of their CafÁ© Femenino countries had the best and most diverse shade, and Peru was the answer.

At the same time, I also attended a screening of a documentary on CafÁ© Femenino, Strong Coffee. This was an extremely powerful film about an equally powerful life- and community-changing project. CafÁ© Femenino is one of the most worthwhile and transformative projects in coffee today. Kudos to Kroger for making it so widely and easily available.

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