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by JulieCraves on December 27, 2005

Here are some background papers from peer-reviewed journals covering research on biodiversity and related issues in coffee plantations.  New research of interest will be posted as it becomes available.  You can find it by clicking the category Research on coffee growing. A comprehensive list of papers from the literature can be found by clicking on the “References” tab at the top of the page. This list is continually updated with new research (including papers I don’t review here) and older papers of high quality that I come across.

Coffee and birds:

Greenberg, R., P. Bichier, A. Cruz-Angon, and R. Reitsma. 1997. Bird Populations in shade and sun coffee plantations in Central Guatemala. Conservation Biology.  11(2): 448-459.

Greenberg, R., P. Bichier, and J. Sterling. 1997. Bird populations in rustic and planted shade coffee plantations of Eastern Chiapas, Mexico. Biotropica 29: 501-514.

Johnson, M. 2000.  Effects of shade tree species and crop structure on the winter arthropod and bird communities in a Jamaican shade coffee plantation. Biotropica 32:133-145.

Mas, A. H., and T. V. Dietsch. 2004. Linking shade coffee certification to biodiversity conservation: butterflies and birds in Chiapas, Mexico. Ecological Applications 14: 642-654.

Vannini, J. P. 1994.  Nearctic migrants in coffee plantations and forest fragments of southwestern Guatemala. Bird Conservation International 4:209-232.

Wunderle, J. M. and S. Latta. 1994. Overwinter turnover of Nearctic migrants wintering in small coffee plantations in Dominican Republic. Journal fur Ornithologie 135:477. [German]

Wunderle, J., and S. Latta. 1996. Avian abundance in sun and shade coffee plantations and remnant pine forest in the Cordillera Central, Dominican Republic. Ornitologia Neotropica 7:19-34.

Wunderle, J. and S. Latta. 1998. Avian resource use in Dominican shade coffee plantations. Wilson Bulletin. 110(2): 271-281.

Coffee and biodiversity, general:

Moguel, P. and M. Toledo. 1999. Biodiversity conservation in traditional coffee systems of Mexico. Conservation Biology 13: 11-21.

Perfecto, I., A.  Mas, T. Dietsch, and J. VanDerMeer.  2003. Conservation of biodiversity in coffee agrosystems: a tri-taxa comparision in southern Mexico. Biodiversity and Conservation 12: 1239-1252.

Perfecto, I., R. Rice, R. Greenberg, and M. Van der Voort .1996. Shade coffee: a disappearing refuge for biodiversity. Bioscience 46: 598-608.

Rappole, J. H., D. I. King, and J. H. Vega Rivera.  2003.  Coffee and conservation.  Conservation Biology 17:334-336.

Ricketts, T. H.  2003.  Tropical forest fragments enhance pollinator activity in nearby coffee crops.  Conservation Biology 18: 1262-1271.

Coffee and other taxa:

Armbrecht, I., and I. Perfecto. 2003. Litter ant’s diversity and predation potential in two Mexican coffee matrices and forest fragments. Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Environment 9: 107-115.

Beer, J. 1988. Litter production and nutrient cycling in coffee (Coffee arabica) or cacao (Theobroma cacao) plantations with shade trees Agroforestry Systems 7:103-114.

Estrada, A., R. Coates-Estrada, and D. Merrit, Jr. 1993.  Bat species richness and abundance in tropical rain forest fragments and in agricultural habitats at Los Tuxtlas, Mexico.  Ecography 17:229-241.

Gallina, S., Mandujano, S., and Gonzalez-Romero, A. 1996. Conservation of mammalian biodiversity in coffee plantations of Central Veracruz, Mexico. Agroforestry Systems 33: 13-27.

Mas, A. H., and T. V. Dietsch. 2003. An index of management intensity for coffee agroecosystems to evaluate butterfly species richness. Ecological Applications 13: 1491-1501.

Nestel, D., and Altieri, M.A. 1992. The weed community of Mexican coffee agroecosystems – the effect of management upon plant biomass and species composition. Acta Oecologica 13: 715-726.

Nestel, D., F. Dickschen, and M. Altieri. 1993. Diversity patterns of soil macro-Coleoptera in Mexican shaded and unshaded coffee agroecosystems: an indication of habitat perturbation. Biodiversity and Conservation. 2: 70-78.

Perfecto, I., J. Vandermeer, P. Hanson, and V. CartÁ­n. 1997. Arthropod biodiversity loss and the transformation of a tropical agro-ecosystem. Biodiversity and Conservation 6: 935-945.

Perfecto, I. and R. Snelling. 1995. Biodiversity and the transformation of a tropical agroecosystem: Ants in coffee plantations. Ecological Applications 5:1084-1097.

Robinson, M. and B. Robinson. 1974. A census of web-building spiders in coffee plantations at Wau, New Guinea, and an assessment of their insecticidal effects.  Tropical Ecology 15:95-107.

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